The Nockbergs

The Nockbergs are Europe's only National Park in a gentle high mountain range with the largest forests of spruce, larch and stone pine in the eastern Alps. The unmistakeable appearance of the rounded "Nocken" are geological rarities and unique in the entire region of the Alps.

Geological development created a manifold range of mountains of a special kind. They came into being over hundreds of millions of years through a multiple change of land and sea, desert and primeval forest!

Enjoy the charm of the landscape

The ride or drive in the Nockbergs is a lasting experience for every nature lover. The almost 35 kilometre Nockalm Road encompasses in numerous gentle bends an area of especially delightful landscape.
Due to the slight gradient, the road is a unique pleasure for car drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists. Several gastronomic venues provide catering along the Nockalm Road with typical Carinthian home cooking.

Hiking in the Biosphere Reserve Nocky Mountains

Extensive hiking areas extend from both sides of the road in the National Park with countless, well-marked trails.

Carinthian National Park Law protects the characteristic flora and fauna and their habitats against all violation to ensure that an impressive experience of nature will be made possible for many future generations.

The Carinthian National Law protects the distinctive flora and fauna, including their habitats before any intervention, so many generations in the future, an impressive nature experience possible.