The Nockalm Road:
Natur experience in the Nockberge Biosphere Park 

On a length spanning 34 kilometres, Carinthia’s Nockalm Road meanders between the towns of Innerkrems and Ebene Reichenau, in gentle twists and turns through the picturesque Nocky mountains. Providing new views time and again – to rounded, lush summits, extensive Alpine pastures, blossoming meadows and expansive areas of fir, larch and Swiss pine forests – incidentally, this is the biggest of its kind in the East Alps! The unforgettable appearance of the ‘Nock’n’, as these rounded hilltops are affectionately called by locals, which are rarely more than 2000 metres due to their rounded shape, is a geological rarity. It is not without reason that this unique natural and cultural landscape has been designated UNESCO Nockberge Biosphere Reserve! 

Best of Carinthia

Fantastic excursion destination in Austria

It is with good reason that Carinthia’s Nockalm Road has been designated one of the most variety-packed and loveliest Alpine roads. With around 230,000 visitors each season, it is among the top three excursion destinations in Carinthia – making it one of the 15 most visited sights in all of Austria!  

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Our motto: Explore & experience! 

There is so much for our guests to explore and experience along the Nockalm Road: numerous nature-oriented experiences for all ages as well as lots of free exhibitions, where you can learn exciting things about the primeval forces, the variety-packed plant and animal kingdom and the genesis of this Carinthian attraction. Anyone whose tummy is rumbling afterwards is best advised to enjoy a refreshment stop in one of the many Alpine inns and mountain lodges along the road! After all, the Nockalm Road is not just one of the loveliest, it is also one of the  most gourmet-packed roads in Austria! 

Natural surroundings in the Nocky mountains for hiking enthusiasts and walkers

Unique natural experiences are waiting for you in Carinthia’s Nocky mountains! An extensive hiking area spans both sides of the Nockalm Road, with countless, well signposted paths through the Biosphere Reserve. Just park your car in the free car parking areas or take the Summer Bus to the starting points for the loveliest tours of all difficulty levels and lengths. Hiking in the home of the rare spike lavender plant and many other plants and animals is a real dream! Families with little mountaineering enthusiasts in particular appreciate the adventure play areas and themed paths along the road.   

Nockalm Road: the gentlest Alpine road in Austria

The harmonious road lay-out, gentle bends and turns, and a relatively low incline make this road a real pleasure for car drivers and motorbike riders! New perspectives always open up to the mountains, pastures and forests, along with an outstanding infrastructure along the route, providing a unique all-round experience for all excursionists. And E-cars are now often seen cruising through the silky bends and turns.  

On the Road

Welcome to the Nockalm Road!


Asking yourself what all do you need for your trip to the Nockalm Road? And what do you need to know? No worries, we have already prepared everything for your trip. There might even be things you hadn’t thought of yourself … We look forward to welcoming you! 

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Nockalm Road, variety of flowers | ©

UNESCO Nckberge Biosphere Reserve

Protecting nature

The Nockberge Biosphere Reserve in Austria is committed to the sustainable coexistence of man and nature. As part of a global network of 651 parks, it promotes the protection of the environment and supports regional development.

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Nockalm road with fir trees and meadow | ©

An experience for the whole family

Holiday fun for everyone

Discover the children's adventure world along the Nockalm Road! While the children have fun on the playgrounds, parents can relax and enjoy the sun. 

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