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With its 34 kilometres meandering in gentle turns through the picturesque Nockberge - the ‘Nock’n’ - Carinthia’s Nockalm Road is regarded as one of the most variety-packed and loveliest Alpine roads. The various experience worlds provide an abundance of variety along the route, as do  the numerous exhibitions. Find out more here about the exciting history of the Nockalm Road, along with interesting information about the animals, plants and geology of the region. The Nockalm Road is all about pleasure and delicious food too! In cosy inns and guesthouses your corporeal well-being is well catered for, the ‘proper Carinthian way’, with ‘Ritschert’ soup, ‘Reindling’ cake etc. – and you can of course enjoy an excellent overnight stay in the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve too! 


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Children, children! Everything for little whirlwinds & mountain munchkins!

There is so much for our small guests in particular to experience in the ‘Nocky Mountains’! There are the natural surroundings in themselves – watching the butterflies on the flower-filled meadows, hob-nobbing with marmots, speeding across the meadows and splashing through streams! Then there are plenty of play areas, exhibitions, walking and hiking routes that are suitable for children. Actually, all of the Nockalm Road is a unique adventure world for children!

Aerial view of the bends on the Nockalm Road | ©

52 curves for car enthusiasts, motorbike lovers & old-timer pilots 

With some 230,000 visitors each season, the Nockalm Road ranks among the top three excursion destinations in Carinthia! Car drivers, motorbike riders, old-timer pilots and bus travellers from across the globe enjoy being out and about on the Nockalm Road. We help you plan your very own road trip and provide practical tips for safe driving and the latest information about drivability.