Exhibitions on the Nockalm Road Along the 34 km Nockalm Road in Carinthia exhibitions on a wide variety of themes and numerous opportunities for adventure are waiting for you - from Nockalmhof Biosphere Reserve Center, to exhibitions about fauna, flora and their unique habitat and the myth-enshrouded ‘Wishing bell’ on the Schiestlscharte.


There is no charge to visit any of the exhibitions along the Nockalm Road!

Exhibition opening hours:
Open daily from 10:30 to 16:30, longer opening hours when the weather is good       

Nockalmhof Biosphere reserve center
Nockalmhof Reserve Center | © nockalmstrasse.at/Stabentheiner

Nockalmhof is just three kilometres from Innerkrems, right on Nockalm Road. It is not just a great starting point for hikes, it is also home to the Biosphere Reserve Center. It is here that you can visit the fossil exhibition ‘Petrified Worlds’, the only one of its kind in Austria. In a separate information area you learn all the interesting details about Nockberge Biosphere Reserve. The interactive children’s exhibition, based on the theme ‘Bats’, whisks little guests into the realm of these fluttering creatures. A multimedia and 3D cinema, extensive gastronomic offers, a shop and play area await visitors. Several display boards at the front of the building provide information about the history of iron mining in Innerkrems and the surrounding area.      

Experience-filled exhibition "wild nocky mountains" in Pfandlhütte
Family looks at the marmots on display in the exhibition "Wild Nocky Mountains"  | © nockalmstrasse.at/Stabentheiner

Things get wild in the popular Pfandlhütte! The experience-filled exhibition ‘Wild Nocky Mountains’ brings visitors closer to the wild inhabitants of the Nockberge, which includes wolves, chamois, red deer and others. Explorers of all ages encounter creatures at stimulating interactive stations, and this really gets them in the mood for heading out on their own explorations in the natural surroundings!

alpine meadow farming museum Zechneralm
Family look at the exhibits in the Alpine Farming Museum | © nockalmstrasse.at/Stabentheiner

The unique Alpine meadow farming museum in the Zechneralm impressively demonstrates how arduous life in the mountains used to be for people, yet also how beautiful it was in its simplicity. Agricultural produce from the Nockalm area is available to purchase – and sample too - in the farmers’ market. At the ‘Marmot Burrow’ adventure play area right next to the Alpine meadow farming museum, kids get to rush about just like sweet marmots.

"Trees as Survivalists" exhibition in the Grundalm
Exhibition "Wood and forestry" | © Biosphärenpark Nockberge/Stabentheiner

The ‘Trees as survivalists’ exhibition in the Grundalm provides a prominent stage for larch, spruce and Swiss pine – the three types of tree that chiefly grow in the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve! In an interactive, creative and variety-packed manner the exhibition reveals the properties and special features of these trees and their uses. Tip: Before or after you pay a visit to the exhibition, you definitely ought to enjoy a stroll through ‘Silva Magica’, the unique magic forest, where you get to find out more about trees, magical nature spirits and much more. 

Family with wheelchair user at the Grundalm | © Biosphärenpark Nockberge/Stabentheiner

Incidentally, like many other offers on the Nockalm Road, the ‘Trees as survivalists’ exhibition as well as the nature encounter park ‘Silva Magica’ provide barrier-free accessibility!  

Barrier-free facilities

Glockenhütte at the Schiestlscharte

Schiestelscharte with the legendary "Wishing Bell" | © nockalmstrasse.at/Kolarik

A stop-off at the Glockenhütte on the Nockalm Road is well worthwhile, not just for the myth-enshrouded ‘Wishing Bell’ behind the lodge on the Schiestlscharte, but also because of the re-designed exhibition ‘The window to the Biosphere Reserve’. It recounts the region’s eventful history through to the current Biosphere Reserve, where nature and people live in harmony. 

People sitting in the exhibition "The window to the biosphere reserve" | © Biosphärenpark Nockberge/Brandstätter

At the start of the exhibition the theme is the history of this once economically weak region and plans to develop the region as a winter sports centre, through to its current dedication to being a biosphere park. On the 1st floor, the central element of the exhibition awaits visitors - an elaborately organised film about Alpine agriculture – that is, about the form of land use that has always shaped the image of the Nock Mountains, providing an income for the people who live here and delighting guests. There is also an interactive elevation model which provides an overview on hiking trails, mountain inns and other exhibitions along the Nockalm Road.