Tips for safe driving in the Nockberge mountains

Discover one of Austria’s loveliest mountain landscapes on this 34 kilometre panoramic road! The softly rounded summits, known as the ‘Nock’n’ are a contrast to the rugged peaks of the Central Alps. All the mountain summits here are under 2400 metres altitude. With 52 switchbacks and numerous bends, the variety-packed Nockalm Road blends harmoniously into the terrain – with gentle ascents and descents, different, wonderful views open up time and again. The word ‘serpentines’ is a perfect descriptive word, after all, just like a serpent, the road snakes its way around the peaks, over hills and down via dips. We have compiled a few tips for you here as to how you can enjoy your excursion on the Nockalm Road in the utmost safety. 

Please note our latest safety information and possible road closures on the start page.


Fun driving

from the start of May until the end of October

Whether spring, summer or autumn – the Nockberge have a very special charm for every season! The road conditions are excellent, the incline moderate, along the road there are numerous Alpine lodges and mountain inns with free car parking, which tempts you to take a break, enjoy a short stroll and visit an exhibition. A journey on the Nockalm Road is pure pleasure! 

Pure pleasure
Foresight - better than hindsight 

Consider that in higher locations in particular, things happen fast, the weather may change, snow might be falling, and the road could be slippery – adapt your driving to suit the road conditions. For motorcyclists especially, a few sections of the road require a good level of fitness, driving expertise and/or experience of the mountains. To fully enjoy tours, you should not overestimate your abilities. Find out more here about all the offers, services and tips for motorcycling on the Nockalm Road.  

Speed 70 km/hr: Drive slower - enjoy more! 

In keeping with the maxim ‘Views, not speed’ and ‘Cruising, not racing’, the Nockalm Road – just like all the other experience roads managed by GROHAG have set a speed limit of 70 km/hr. After all, those who drive more slowly, will simply have more time to look, marvel and enjoy themselves – protecting humans and nature at the same time!  Find out more about the themes of ‘Slow Driving’ and sustainability on the Nockalm Road here 

Better braking! 

Before you set off on a journey across passes and Alpine roads you definitely ought to check your brake fluid and replace it if necessary. Tip for mountain descending: on considerable descents drop down to second, at times even first gear and use the engine brake. Drivers of automatic vehicles should set the gearshift to manual or level 1-2-3. Just take a look at your operating instructions before starting off! 

Aerial photograph of the Nockalm road with bends | ©

Breakdown? It happens … 

In spite of taking care and making preparations for your pleasure-filled tours, your vehicle can break down, so our road service is always by your side to assist and of course provide replacement vehicles from the automobile club. 

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