Carinthia’s Nockalm Road: It’s as if it were made for old-timers! In old- & youngtimers from Innerkrems to Ebene Reichenau

The 34 kilometres of Carinthia’s Nockalm Road from Innerkrems to Ebene Reichenau provide the best conditions for pleasure driving - 52 gentle turns and bends, time and again providing new, unbelievably beautiful views to the forests, flower-filled meadows and Alpine pastures in the ‘Nocky Mountains’, a harmonious route profile and numerous opportunities to stop and enjoy a breather. Whether it is in a pre-war vehicle, an old-timer or a young-timer – being out and about on this unique mountain route provides a very special sense of esprit, real ‘Alpine spirit’, on the gentle, lush side of the Austrian Alps!  

The purest driving pleasure: gentle bends, moderate gradients & legendary views!

Pleasure, rather than speed, is what counts on this lovely panoramic road, which nestles into the landscape. There are of course plenty of opportunities to enjoy an interim stop – viewing points, exhibitions, experiencing the natural surroundings and last, but not least, there are lots of Alpine inns that are worth a visit. Does your old-timer date back to the time before the Nockalm Road was constructed? Then you can find out about what life in the Carinthian mountains was like at that time in the Alpine farming museum on the Zechneralm. Or maybe you have a weakness for old traditions? Then you definitely ought to enjoy a break in Karlbad, the farmers’ bath which is more than 300 years old. The bathing water here has been heated using glowing hot stones for many generations! 

The utmost pleasure

Tours for connoisseurs – through Carinthia & Salzburg in an old-timer

Our tip: combine your excursion in the Nockberge with a journey via the Grossglockner High Alpine Road  The contrasts in landscape couldn’t be any greater – and the road conditions on the entire route are optimum for old-timers. In the brochure, ‘Tours for connoisseurs’, we have gathered lots of recommendations and tips for a journey on the Nockalm Road for all pleasure drivers and old-timer drivers, with culinary interim stop-offs and overnight stay options, important information about opening times & the like, and also suggested tours for other experience roads managed by GROHAG.   

The "Tours for epicures" brochure can be downloaded free of charge here.

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Looking for a sporty challenge for your vintage car? Then you ought to take part in the Ennstal Classic, which is held every year! After all, the Nockalm Road is part of the Austrian Old-timer meet-up which attracts classic car fans in July. Dates for the Ennstal Classic and other old-timer events on the Nockalm Road can be found in our event calendar.