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Along the twists and turns of the Nockalm Road, which proceeds between Innerkrems on one side and Ebene Reichenau on the other, stretches one of the most variety-packed hiking areas in Carinthia. So variety-packed that there is guaranteed to be a path to suit every type of hiker! Leisurely Alpine walking paths, view-packed summit tours, exciting educational paths and mysterious experience paths are also on the hiking programme, as are exploratory tours with a Biosphere Reserve Ranger.

Nockalmroad, Rother hiking book | © nockalmstrasse.at

Rother walking guide "Nockalmstrasse – Die schönsten Wanderungen und Bergtouren"

  • with 31 hiking routes, route outlines altitude profiles and map cut-outs 
  • the starting point for all hikes is Nockalm Road 
  • with historic and current informations about the region
  • available at the cash point, in all shops and businesses along the Nockalm Road & in book shops 
  • further information available at info@nockalmstrasse.at 


We serve à la carte hiking in the Nockberge

There are lots of rewarding hiking destinations on both sides of the Nockalm Road. We have selected a few tips for you from the many options available. ‘Hiking sweet treat’ – from a leisurely stroll to a challenging summit tour. 

Nockalm Road, picturesque Windebensee lake | © nockalmstrasse.at/Michael Stabentheiner

The educational nature path ‘Alpine communities’ proceeds around Windebensee, a picturesque mountain lake, and there are multiple display boards (walk time: approx. 20 minutes). After that you can head out on the 400 metre path to the Glockenhütte (walking time: approx. 15 minutes), where the Wunschglocke rings out, and you can send out your heart’s desire on the mountain wind. You can of course pay a visit to the re-designed ‘Window to the Biosphere Reserve’ exhibition on the first floor in Glockenhütte and find out more about the region’s eventful history through to today’s biosphere park, where nature and people live in harmony.

Nockalmroad, Elements Trail | © nockalmstrasse.at/Eduardo Gellner

This special, one and half kilometre circular trail brings you into contact with nature, heaven and earth. Stone circles and instructions for exercises that hone all your senses connect ancient ideology with the spirit of the times. Take as much time as you like for this special hike.

Family reads the information boards along the Silva Magica | © nockalmstrasse.at/Stabentheiner

You encounter natural spirits and forest inhabitants in an unusual way here and on the Geology Path learn lots of interesting information about how the Nockberge came about. Incidentally, this path is barrier-free, making access and a natural experience possible for EVERYONE to enjoy! We recommend a hike to the Wolitzenalm afterwards (20 minute walk), where you can enjoy an invigorating spike lavender foot bath.

Nockalm road, beautiful hikes | © nockalmstrasse.at/Eduardo Gellner

The Königstuhl is not the highest summit along the Nockalmstrasse, but it is certainly one of the loveliest! Several routes take you up this 2336 m mountain, which lies exactly on the border area of three federal states: Carinthia, Styria and Salzburg. From Karlbad and from the Eisentalhöhe you reach the impressive summit in Carinthia’s Nockberge. A superb panoramic view opens up from the top of the mountain to the numerous ‘Nock’n’. From Karlbad the walk time out and back is around 3 ½ hours. Remember to replenish your energy stores with a hearty snack afterwards!

Nockalm road, swimming with your feet in the lake | © nockalmstrasse.at/Eva Mrazek

Anyone who has no desire to head out on a strenuous summit hike, but who would like to explore the wonderful Alpine landscape at the foot of the Königstuhl, can head out on a leisurely walk from the Zechneralm to Friesenhalssee (walking time: 1 hour). This mountain lake gets its unusual name from the cold wind, that blows across from Salzburg’s Lungau. ‘Friesen’ means to freeze and ‘Hals’ describes a mountain saddle or pass. A summer excursion to this wonderful deep blue lake is however in no way ‘freezing and bitter’, but a fantastic opportunity to explore Alpine meadows, enjoy the views to the Nockberge and experience the sense of well-being dipping your feet in the cool mountain lake provides.

Nockalm road, alpine delicacies - Brettljause | © nockalmstrasse.at

Wholly in keeping with the maxim, ‘anyone who hikes needs refreshment too’, the numerous Alpine inns and mountains lodges on the hiking routes invite you to enjoy a culinary voyage of discovery. Sample home-produced Alpine specialities and delicious Carinthian treats including ‘Ritschert’ soup, ‘Reindling’ cake, or a snack platter. 

Tip: Out and about with a Biosphere Reserve Ranger

In summer there are numerous hikes and exploratory tours offered with trained rangers. Spike lavender and Swiss pine hikes are on the agenda, as are offers for little nature detectives water safaris and fairy-tale family hikes.

Hiking with the Ranger

By bus & on foot to hiking fun

Those who want to can also do without a car altogether for their tour, after all in the summer months the Summer bus takes all mountain enthusiasts to the starting point for the loveliest tours in the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve. Tip: the hiking bus not only stops at the halts listed in the timetable, you can also get out and hop on at any point you like along the Nockalm Road. And: For all ‘KärntenCard’ holders, the Wanderbus service is half the standard price

Interesting information about your excursion Attentively out and about in an Alpine area

The Nockalm Road proceeds through extensive Alpine areas – partly right through meadows too. With that in mind, when driving a car, motorbike or cycling you should proceed slowly and be mindful of what might be ahead. And when you are walking on the hiking paths around the Nockalm Road, bear in mind that you may encounter cattle roaming freely, including cows, sheep or other wild animals! A few tips about you should look out for during your excursion can be found here
Further information can also be found in the ‘Together on Austria’s Alpine pastures’ flyer!