Mountains of stories to listen & to be amazed by

The ideal companion on a Nockalm Road trip? The free Nockalm Road Multimedia Guide of course! With exciting stories in audio book quality, it provides variety for your excursion. Simply download to your smartphone in the Play- or App-Store and start listening straight away. 

The free Multimedia Guide for the Nockalm Road makes your mobile an ideal travel companion. After all, the Multimedia Guide from Locandy not only provides interesting facts about this Carinthian panoramic road, it also provides interesting insights into the special features in the natural surroundings. You also get to find out everything about the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve – Carinthia’s Nockberge. All told in a lively and exciting way, just like in an audio book.

Our tip for kids:

Fun tasks are waiting for puzzle fiends of all ages in the interactive audioguide, which makes the journey on the Nockalm Road an even more exciting and variety-packed experience. 

Quick & convenient

To head out on a journey to the Nockalm with the Multimedia Guide, all you need to do is download and install the Locandy App. Simply select Nockalm Road in the search function. 


After downloading, the Nockalm Road Multimedia Guide works offline too. During your journey, it automatically activates at the right points. However, you do have to deactivate automatic screen lock. When you open the app or the Multimedia Guide you will be asked if you would like to deactivate the screen lock mode.  

Download at home first & enjoy the anticipation of what is to come

We have great news for all those of you who just can’t wait to head out on an excursion on the Nockalm Road. You can download the Multimedia Guide to your smartphone in peace and quiet at home – and from the comfort of your couch head out on a virtual tour through the 52 ‘Reidn’ – as the bends and turns are called in Carinthian dialect. Enjoy the anticipation of encounters with aromatic spike lavender, dreamy views etc. 

Nockalm Road with alpine rose blossom | © Stabentheiner

Did you know? Free Multimedia Guides are also available for the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and the waterfall and National Park town of Krimml!