The gentle side of the Austrian Alps

Anyone who hears the word Alps, will inevitably think about rugged rockfaces, high summits and winter sport. The fact that the Austrian Alps have a very different aspects is something you can find out about on Carinthia’s Nockalm Road! After all, for the most part the gently rounded smooth Nockberge are no more than 2400 metres altitude and awaken memories of undulating Irish landscapes, fantasy film backdrops and dreamy calendar photos. It has taken hundreds of millions of years and countless changes in the land and sea, desert and ancient woodland to create this unique region. Colourful flower-filled meadows and lush Alpine meadows, forests with Swiss pine, fir and larch as well as countless clear mountain streams, lakes and pools  come together to create a unique, relaxing natural landscape.

Experience the


Protect the environment, create the future! 

To preserve the uniqueness and beauty of the natural surroundings, we strive to operate the Nockalm Road as best as we can in harmony with the natural surroundings. After all, without unspoilt natural surroundings there wouldn’t be a Nockalm Road … Find out which sustainability measures we are using to make the Nockalm Road fit for the future.

Harmonious habitat for people, flora & fauna

Over a 34 kilometre route, the Nockalm Road proceeds through 52 bends and gentle turns – called ‘Reidn’ in Carinthian dialect. Every ‘Reidn’ is named after a flower that grows in the Nockberge, again in dialect. Just a little snippet of the floral variety in the Nockberge! Rare Alpine animals can also be seen in the Nockberge too, including the snow grouse, the snow hare and marmot. It is thanks to this abundance of flora & fauna, and also the Carinthian people themselves that this unique natural and cultural landscape has been elevated to UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status.

Family sitting at the lake Windebensee | ©

Anything goes!

Whether it is an Alpine tour, family-friendly themed or barrier-free circuit – there is something to suit every need in the ‘Nocky Mountains‘’ when it comes to hiking and walking!