A digital and interactive exploration of what you really can experience on the Nockalm Road

On our digital, interactive Nockalm Road map you can find out about everything there is to see and experience along this experience road through Carinthia’s Nockberge. Find out where your corporeal well-being is taken care of, where and which exhibitions are available to view and where you can enjoy the loveliest adventures.

It is not without reason that the Nockalm Road is also known as the ‘Genuss Strasse’ or ‘pleasure road’! With this in mind, we have of course displayed numerous inns and Alpine lodges on the interactive map. Those of you who would like to enjoy the gentle side of the Nockberge for more than one day, will of course find options for overnight stays on the map too. The map also displays all the E-charging points along with locations where there are interesting sights to see and discover – from an adventure play area to the Geology path. Have fun with the digital version, then later on with real exploring and discovering!  

Nockalm Road map