The Nockalm Road: a classic among motorbike fans! The Nockalm Road has long been regarded as a real classic by motorcyclists! After all, this mountain road, which meanders through the terrain in gentle bends impresses motorcyclists of all standards. The panorama road through the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve is open from the start of May until the end of October. And the Nock Mountains present a different guise in every season: lush green meadows in the spring, pink Alpine roses, colourful flower-filled meadows in the summer, and golden larches in the autumn. The choice is yours!

Please note that the road is not open to motorcyclists between 18:00 and 08:00.

Nature, culture & pleasure: heaven for motorcyclists

The Nockalm Road is an absolute pleasure route for motorcyclists in so many respects. Initially of course each and every turn, every bend is there to be enjoyed – all 52 of them! There are also numerous attractions along the road which provide tempting as interim stops: exhibitions  about the flora and fauna, geology and Alpine communities also provide variety, as do the short walks and extended hikes. Then there is the added pleasure factor provided by the numerous Alpine lodges and mountain inns which motorbikers can make a bee line to. All Alpine lodges and mountains are ‘biker-friendly’ of course!

Bikers Points &
Rest areas

Exclusive for motorcyclists:
  • Two specific rest points for bikers are located on the Eisentalhöhe, the highest point of the Nockalm Road, and on the Schiestlscharte at Glockenhütte. 
  • Bikers Points feature ‘front row’ parking areas for motorcyclists, information about recommended motorbike tours on Austria’s Alpine roads and free to use Biker Safes, in which you can safely store items of equipment, such as jackets, helmets or gloves.
Aerial view of the Nockalm road and motorcyclists | ©

More safety for motorcyclists

GROHAG, the operator of the Nockalm Road and other Austrian experience roads, continually endeavour to increase safety and driving pleasure for motorcyclists. Using targeted measures directly on the road, including underride barriers with guide rails, and ongoing checks of the grip of the asphalt and ensuring an even lateral profile. 

Aerial view of the Nockalm Road with a view of the Glockenhütte | ©

Ticket prices

for Motorbike rides and motorbike tours 

Motorbikers have various ticket model options to choose from for their journey on the Nockalm Road and other Alpine roads. The latest ticket prices can be found here.

Prices & opening times
Flowers in the front and motorcyclists on the Nockalm road in the background | ©

More safety for motorcyclists

We have compiled a few of the most important tips for safe motorbike riding on mountain roads here: 

  • Only drive when rested and with full concentration – motorcycling is sport. 
  • Have your motorbike annually checked by a professional and ensure it is continually maintained (brake fluid, lights, tyre pressure, smooth chain drive). 
  • Only ride in safety clothing: helmet, trousers and jacket with protectors, boots and gloves. 
  • Practice this viewing technique: keep the road the surroundings in your line of sight and drive with foresight. 
  • Wear clothing which is visible and avoid blind spots behind cars. 
  • Train yourself to master your bike and technique taking the bends – preferably with ride safety training, especially at the start of the season. 
  • Choose a riding style that is suitable and in line with the weather conditions. 
  • Never ride to your limit and always be mindful of obstacles. 
  • Remember: Safety & riding fun are inseparable!