The ideal excursion destination for the whole family

Weekends! Holidays! Theres’s nothing like getting out and on to the Nockalm road – into the Nocky Mountains, where play, fun and adventure are waiting for all the family! The grass tickling your naked toes. Breathing in the aromatic, fresh mountain air. Jumping, skipping, running and stomping around to your heart’s content. Marvelling at the sun rising above the mountain peaks. And only crawling wearily into bed long after sunset. Accompanied by the ringing of cow bells and the whistling of marmots. You don’t need anything more for the perfect family time! 

The Nockalm Road:

the loveliest route through the gentle Nockberge

Whether you are planning a day trip on the Nockalm Road or want to enjoy a stay of several days in one of the Alpine lodges or mountain inns. Time is always too short to see and experience everything! Of course the 34 kilometre panoramic road is an experience in itself. Time and again the 52 switchbacks and many twists and turns open up new views to the mountain summits, Alpine meadows and forests. But, the Nockalm Road is also the loveliest route to many experience stations, refreshment stop options, hiking and walking paths, exhibitions and play areas.  

Alpine lodges & mountain inns
great experiences

Recommended by little whirlwinds & mountain munchkins!

Girl slides down the slide | ©

While little ones let off steam on one of the many play areas along the Nockalm Road, parents can put their feet up, relax and enjoy a sunbathing session. And anyone who looks closely enough might even encounter ‘Nocki’ the little marmot mascot of Nockalm Road at one play area or another … Indoors exciting exhibitions are waiting for inquisitive little whirlwinds. 


Fun-filles play areas & exciting exhibitions

Fossil exhibition "Petrified Worlds" at the Nockalmhof Biosphere Park Centre | ©

A top-notch playground awaits here - a combination play area with swings, slide, climbing equipment with tower and jump boards! And an interactive bat exhibition! For older children there are the fossil exhibitions, a multimedia area and 3D cinema. Up-and-coming mountaineers can scale the two climbing mountains, each of which are different difficulty levels. Our little summiteers proudly show-off the photos to their parents! 

Family looks at the marmots on display in the exhibition "Wild Nocky Mountains"  | ©

Inside Pfandlhütte, Nocki, the whistling marmot, presents the animal inhabitants of the Nockberge in the exhibition "Wild Nocky Mountains".

Family look at the exhibits in the Alpine Farming Museum | ©

In the Alpine farming museum, parents and their children marvel at the way life used to be in centuries past, when the mountain region was only accessible via a cart track. At the adventure playground you head up high: in the marmot den which has two wave slides, on the small climbing wall, on the jump plates, the scale swings and on the sand play area which has a crane. 

Karlbad | ©

Little ones are amazed when they find out that the bathing water here is still heated up the way it was 300 years ago, with hot, glowing stones! At the outdoor play area the big tube slide (about 10 metres), the wobble bridge, tricky climbing nets and the slide pole set children’s eyes twinkling with delight.

Tangerner-Hütte | ©

You get to the inn after around a twenty minute walk on the Nockalm Road. Here a deer carriage, pendulum swing, log seesaw, balancing roll and balancing logs await little, lively visitors to the mountain.

Wolitzenhütte | ©

While parents enjoy the invigorating spike lavender foot bath, children conquer the water adventure world, which has water wheels, a water table, water vats and lots of water channels. Enjoy splashing about! 

Variety-packed walks & hikes  The low mountain range and their rounded summits, known as the ‘Nock’n’, are located in a pleasant altitude location. In summer the fresh, aromatic air is a real boon for all the family. Various walking paths, which can in part be negotiated with a pram, buggy or baby carrier, proceed to glistening mountain lakes, family-friendly Alpine inns and fun play areas, on which even the littlest infants can indulge their desire to get moving.

Nockalm road, beautiful hikes | © Gellner
  • Walk to Tangernerhütte 
    A walk of just 20 minutes from the Nockalm Road takes you to this family-friendly Alpine inn with its children's play area and petting zoo. 
  • Hike from Zechneralm to Friesenhalssee 
    Walk for around an hour on this leisurely hiking trail from the Alpine inn to the glistening, dark blue mountain lake. There is a play area at the inn. 
  • Circular path around Windebensee 
    The walk around this scenically charming mountain lake takes around 20 minutes. If you want to, you could take the path up to the Glockenhütte afterwards too - allow 15 minutes for the walk there. 
Stream in the front and family looking into the distance in the background | ©
  • Mysterious woodland „Silva Magica“ 
    In this unique adventure and experience area, children encounter artistically created natural creatures and discover the secrets of nature. A short hike to the Wolitzenalm links the next play area with a fantastic water world! 
  • Eisentalhöhe: Spike lavender and hiking 
    On the Eisentalhöhe, young plant researchers can get information about spike lavender and the unique aroma of spike lavender products. The Eisentalhöhe is also the starting point for a hike to the Königstuhl
  • Elements Trail 
    This circular 1.5 kilometer path is iedal for children and teenagers who want to experience nature with all their senses and who want to be part of the mountain world themselves. An experiende-filled journey for creative thinkers and sensible teenagers.

So, when would you like to explore the ‘Nocky Mountains’ with your children? Get information about the opening times and prices for this panoramic road. Little tip: with the KärntenCard you can visit the Nockalm Road for free during your holiday!

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