The ideal excursion destination for all e-mobilists

The Nockalm Road is an ideal excursion destination for all E-drivers! What could be nicer than gliding through gentle bends which nestle in the landscape, without a sound and zero emissions! And all the while marvelling at the beauty of the natural surroundings! And stopping off to recharge batteries where it is so lovely! The fact is, the Nockalm Road provides the perfect conditions for everyone who wants to enjoy e-mobility!  

The full

Man refuelling an e-vehicle on the Nockalm Road | ©

Plus points for E-cars and E-motorbikes 

The Nockalm Road has huge benefits in store for all E-motorists. For instance, discounted tariffs for E-cars and E-motorbikes. And charging stations along the road, at which you can fuel up on green, great value Glockner ePower.