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nocki next to a tube

The mascot Nocki

Nocki, the mascot of the Nockalm Road

Going to eight attractive children’s adventure stages in the Carinthian Alps

The “Nocky Mountains” are a true realm of adventure for families with children! Visitors of all ages find many opportunities to relax, play and learn along the 34 km Nockalm Road. Discover eight children’s attractions on Carinthia’s panoramic road together with your offspring and the mascot Nocki (starting point Innerkrems – if you’re coming from the south, simply reverse the order of the children’s adventure stations!).
nocki and salamander
• Nockalmhof Biosphere Reserve Centre
Play combination with two swings, one slide, monkey bars with tower, three jumping plates, interactive bat exhibition. Fossil exhibition with multimedia and 3D cinema for older children. Young climbers can climb the two climbing mountains with different degrees of difficulty. Summiteers proudly smile for their parents’ cameras from a height of 2.3 to 3 m!

• Pfandlhütte: get to know Nocki’s family
Nocki, the clever marmot, introduces us to the inhabitants of the Nockberge in the new exhibition “Wildtiere und Lebensraum” (Eng. “Wild Animals and Habitat”). Playground with swinging net, carousel, “Ringzaunbauen”, petting zoo with goats and bantams.

Zechneralm: life and work in the mountains
Parents and children alike marvel at the way of life of centuries past, when the mountain region was only accessible via a barrow path, at the alpine farming museum. Adventure playground marmot lair with two slope slides, small climbing wall, swing scales and sand playground with crane.

• Tangernerhütte: destination of a brief hike
The mountain pasture can be reached from the Nockalm Road within a 20-minute walk. Deer team, pendulum swing, log seesaw, balance coil and balance bricks are waiting here for small, lively mountain visitors.

• Wolitzenhütte: water games in the Nockberge
While the parents enjoy a refreshing spike lavender footbath, children can conquer the water adventure world with two water wheels, water tables, water barrels and many water gutters.

Karlbad: farmer-style mountain bathing
The young ones look surprised when they find out that the bathwater here is heated with fiery stones, just like the mountain farmers did 300 years ago. Playground with large pipe slide (approx. 10 m), wobbly bridge and firemen’s pole.
When will you visit Nocki, the mascot of the Nockalm Road, with your children? Find out more about the opening hours and prices  of the panoramic road now! Tip: drive for free during your holiday with the Kärnten Card.