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Summit tour to the Königsstuhl

Summit tour to the Königsstuhl

Hiking destination amidst the Nockberge in Carinthia with great views

The Königsstuhl isn’t the highest summit along the Nockalm Road, but it’s one of the most beautiful. Several routes lead up the 2,336 m mountain situated right on the border of the three Austrian provinces Carinthia, Styria and Salzburg. For those wondering which is the highest mountain summit in the Nockalm region – it’s the Rosennock rising above all other summits at 2,440 m. The highest of all the Nockberge, however, is the Eisenhut on the Styrian side adding exactly another metre. Now then, back to the Königsstuhl and our suggested hike, the ascent from the Karlbad at the Nockalm Road! The hiking trails leads across the Stangboden and Karlnock to the summit. Familiarise yourself with the Königsstuhlscharte and the Friesenhals on the way back.

Hike from Karlbad on the Nockalm Road to the Königsstuhl

Park your car at the Karlbad or take the Nockberge summer bus to the starting point of the mountain tour. Quickly ascend on path 117. The trail becomes flatter after around 45 minutes. Enjoy hiking across the Stangboden to the Grosser Königsstuhl junction. Reach the Karlnock via path 125; your destination is already very close! After conquering the summit and taking a break, continue on path 125 to the Königsstuhlscharte. Follow path 118 to the Friesenhalssee and further down the valley to the Karlbad. The walking time is around 3.5 to 4 hours, covering 650 altitude metres. The hike is graded at intermediate difficulty – surefootedness, a head for heights and good stamina are just as important as mountaineering equipment.

Summit tour to the Königsstuhl from the Eisentalhöhe car park

Ascending the Eisentalhöhe is an alternative to the hike to the Königsstuhl mentioned above. Hike to the north on path 120, past the eastern side of the Eistentalhöhe summit and slightly downhill to the Friesenhals. Now climb the mountain top eastward via the west face. Return path same as the ascent or descent via the Karlbad.

Unhurried hike at the foot of the Königsstuhl

We dedicate our next hiking suggestion to those who don’t feel like a strenuous summit hike, yet would like to discover the stunning alpine scenery at the foot of the mountain. Unhurriedly walk from the Zechneralm, which you can comfortably reach on the Nockalm Road, to Lake Friesenhalssee (walking time 1 hour). The mountain lake owes its unusual name to the cold wind blowing from Salzburg’s Lungau. “Friesen” means freezing and “Hals” is another name for a mountain saddle or pass. A trip in summer to the divinely beautiful, deep blue lake is everything but “ice cold”, but rather a great opportunity to explore the alpine meadows, enjoy the view of the Nockberge and experience the loveliness that is a cool footbath in the mountain lake.

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