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Flora and Wildlife

Flora and fauna in the Nockberge

Flora and fauna along the “flower road” in the Biosphere Reserve Nockberge

When driving on the 35 km Nockalm Road, you will meet the wonders of alpine nature pretty much in passing. Colourful mountain meadows with glowing flowers, lush, green alpine meadows with an unbelievable diversity of herbs and the large spruce, larch and stone pine forests of the East Alps are so close you can pretty much touch them. Discover further beauties of nature, such as Lake Windebensee or the Königsstuhl summit, during walks and hikes along the mountain road. The alpine flora and fauna only reveal their secrets at second glance. Over the change of seasons, they developed survival strategies to endure the snowy winter and to cope with the challenges posed by such high altitudes. Have fun reading all about it!
flower meadow