View over the Nockberge

The mighty Nockberge

Nockberge soulscape in Carinthia

The gentle, green and lovely side of the Austrian Alps

Hearing the name Alps, one usually thinks of craggy, dizzyingly high summits, glacier ice and winter sports. However, the Austrian Alps also have a different side, which can be best experienced on the Nockalm Road in Carinthia. The roundly smoothed Nockberge aren’t much higher than 2,400 m and evoke memories of Irish mountain sceneries, the backdrops of fantasy movies or beautiful pictures gracing the pages of calendars. It took hundreds of millions of years and countless transitions of land and sea, desert and jungle to create this unique region. Colourful flower meadows and green alpine pastures, forests with stone pines, spruces and larches, and countless clear mountain streams, lakes and tarns come together to form a unique, relaxing soulscape.
Nockalm Road