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Destination for generations: hiking, playing and nature paradise Nockberge

Holidays at last – let’s get out of the city and off to Carinthia! Finally feel the tickling of grass between naked toes instead of hot tarmac underneath your soles. Breathe fragrant, fresh mountain air instead of stuffiness between rows of houses. Jump, hop, run without having to mind any red lights. Dew treading, seeing the sun rise above mountain summits, crawling into bed long after sundown, the faraway ringing of cow bells in your ear. Families that have to deal with lots of tasks in everyday life feel the stress fall away from them and can enjoy pleasant relaxation. Now there’s time for the children, for your partner. For fun and games and laughing until your belly and cheeks almost hurt. Welcome to the Nockberge!
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The Nockalm Road: the most beautiful and shortest route to the gentle Nockberge

No matter whether you’re just spending a daytrip on the Nockalm Road or planning several days of your holiday at one of the alpine huts or mountain inns: you will definitely never have enough time. The 34 km panoramic road alone is an experience. 52 bends and numerous turns constantly open up new views of mountain summits, alpine meadows and forests. Children find the stops along the alpine road far more interesting as there are numerous exhibitions, playgrounds, diverting walks and unforgettable mountain hikes to enjoy. Around the Nockalm Road, everyone will find exactly the kind of experiences they are looking for. The kids, mum and dad, grandma and grandpa can choose among a whole range of activities and culinary highlights.

The best suggestions for trips with children on the Nockalm Road!

Nocki knows what children want: the most beautiful playgrounds

The best thing about a relaxed daytrip or during a holiday is simply forgetting about time. Once your children have discovered one of the playgrounds in the Nockberge, everything around them doesn’t matter anymore. Nocki, the mascot of the Nockalm Road, can be found at eight playgrounds. Parents can calmly put their feet up and enjoy a spot of sunbathing. And when your tummy’s rumbling, the next mountain hut isn’t far away. Here everyone can enjoy the delicacies produced at the dairy farms and mountain pastures together. Discover together with your children how spicy, hearty and divinely sweet the Carinthian cuisine tastes.

To the playground tips by Nocki, the mascot of the Nockalm Road! 

If you’re spending your holiday in Carinthia, you might want to use the advantages of the Kärnten Card. Driving on the Nockalm Road is already included in this ticket. Find all information about opening hours and prices  of the nockalm road for a daytrip here.
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