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view on nockalm road

The riding experience

Nockalm Road by car, motorbike and bus

Unique panorama and adventure road amidst the Carinthian Nockberge

Discover one of the most beautiful mountain sceneries in Austria on the 35 km alpine road! The gently rounded summits, the so-called “Nock’n”, stand in contrast to the craggy summits of the Central Alps. Even their height is moderate with all mountain tops situated below an altitude of 2,400 m. The very diverse Nockalm Road with its 52 bends and numerous turns blends in well with the terrain – constantly going up and down and opening up new, breathtaking views. Experience for yourself what the term “serpentines” means on this route as the road winds around knolls, across heights and through dips like the eponymous snake.
 cabrio on the Nockalm Road
 Two travelers take a break

Driving experience on the Nockalm Road from early May to late October

Every season has its very own allure in the Nockberge. Experience its beauties in spring, summer and autumn intensely by car, motorbike or bus. The road conditions are excellent, the incline moderate, and numerous free car parks constantly invite you to stop over, go on a brief walk or visit an exhibition. Furthermore, motorcyclists can enjoy two special service stations, the biker’s points. Driving on the Nockalm Road is pure enjoyment – please drive slowly and quietly in consideration of other road users and animals! Alpine huts and mountain inns along the alpine road invite you to drop in and feast. You shouldn’t miss out on delicious alpine specialities and original Carinthian cuisine.

Exhibitions, experiences and walkways along the Nockalm Road

The panoramic road in the “Nocky Mountains” is more than just a driving route, it’s an experience in its own right. Learn more about the flora and fauna and about the origin of the Nockberge on educational trails. The mystic “Silva Magica”, the “Elements theme path” or a walk around Lake Windebensee are great and pleasant breaks on your journey. Read more about our suggestions and services for vintage car fans, motorcyclists and bus tour operators now!