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Special trip tips

Nockalm Road family trip

Popular and diverse destinations in Carinthia with children

What about a family trip to the south of Austria? The Nockalm Road isn’t just a great option for experiencing the Nockberge from the car, but also the most beautiful path to several adventure stages, rest stop options and starting points of hiking trails. The attractions on the popular panoramic road offer all ages unforgettable hours in nature, interesting information and, last but not least, the diversity of culinary delights from the Carinthian cuisine. Which activities are best suited to babies and toddlers, what’s the most fun for lively small mountain devils and what will entertain schoolchildren and teenagers? We have put together the most beautiful destinations by the Carinthian Nockalm Road for children and parents.
Escursioni Famiglia

Nappies, baby bottles, mountain experience: family trip with the youngest ones

The gentle turns of the Nockalm Road lead into a lovely mountain world dominated by thick forests, abundant flower meadows and green mountain pastures. The low mountain range with its rounded summits, the “Nock’n”, is situated at a pleasant altitude. In summer, the fresh, fragrant air is pleasant for the entire family. Numerous walks, which can be successfully completed with pram, buggy or baby carrier, lead to mountain lakes, family-friendly alpine huts and playgrounds where even the youngest ones can indulge their need for movement.

•    Walk to the Tangernerhütte 
Reach the family-friendly alpine hut with children’s playground and petting zoo within a 20-minute walk from the Nockalm Road.

•    Hike from the Zechneralm to Lake Friesenhalssee
Walk for about an hour on the neat hiking trail from the alpine hut to the dark-blue mountain lake. There’s a playground on the mountain pasture.

•    Path around Lake Windebensee
Walk around the scenically enticing mountain lake in around 20 minutes. If you like, you can go up to the Glockenhütte afterwards – another 15-minute walk.


Playing, climbing, discovering animals: trips for families with kindergarten children

At this age, children are already very receptive to information and interesting stories. They’d like to know where marmots live, why they whistle and what hibernation actually is. Various herbs and flowers and the mountain meadows and pastures attract their attention as well. Of course, there needs to be enough opportunity to play and run about. Combine the offerings of exhibitions suitable for children with a trip to one of the playgrounds on the Nockalm Road ! The fresh air and movement guarantee that your little darling will sleep deeply afterwards.

•    Nockalmhof  Biosphere Reserve Centre 
The interactive children’s exhibition about bats sends slight chills down the spine and provides lots of new knowledge about these fascinating creatures. Afterwards, it’s off to the playground with many options to rummage about.

•    Visiting the Pfandlhütte
The animal exhibition “Wildtiere und Lebensraum” (Eng. “Wild Animals and Habitat”) is located on the first floor of the alpine hut. Here children can learn everything about various alpine creatures. There’s a playground in front of the hut with a petting zoo for young mountain adventurers.

•    Mystic forest “Silva Magica”
Children come across artistically designed creatures of nature and discover secrets of nature at this unique adventure and experience site. A brief walk to the Wolitzenalm leads to the next playground with an amazing water world!


Because knowledge is fun: educational trails for scientists and curious teenagers

Older children have already learned a lot about the forest and ecosystems at school. They are familiar with the importance of nature and should be pretty receptive to modern, appealing exhibitions and educational trails. Budding palaeontologists examine fossils with great interest, organic fans learn more about the spike lavender, which is native exclusively to the Nockberge, and young people who want to be inspired by nature are right at home on the Elements theme path. Many teenagers can also be inspired to go on extended mountain hikes, for example a summit tour to the Königsstuhl . The choice is yours!

•    Nockalmhof Biosphere Reserve Centre
The fossil exhibition “Versteinerte Welten” (Eng. “Fossilised Worlds”) unique to Austria and the multimedia and 3D cinema offer deep insights into the origins of the Nockberge and their characteristic features.

•    Eisentalhöhe: spike lavender and hiking
Young botanists can learn more about spike lavender and familiarise themselves with the unique smell of products made from spike lavender on the Eisentalhöhe. It is also a starting point for a hike to the Königsstuhl.

•    Elements theme path
The 1.5 km round trail is ideal for children and teenagers who want to experience nature with all their senses and themselves as part of the mountain world. An adventure for creative minds and sensitive teenagers.