The Tangenerhütte

The  Nockalm Road

Adventure Nockalm Road in Carinthia

The varied, multifaceted mountain road in the heart of the Nockberge

Where would you like to start your exploration of the “Nocky Mountains”? The 34 km Nockalm Road is accessible from early May to late October from either Innerkrems or Ebene Reichenau. It’s definitely worth experiencing the panoramic tour from both sides as you can enjoy new perspectives and divine views beyond compare at every turn. The Nockalm Road with its  indoor and outdoor exhibitions will inspire you: there’s a lot to discover, learn and see! Motorcyclists will love the 52 bends, numerous turns and enticing routeing. Families and children will find numerous options for playing and hiking . Allow us to introduce you to the highlights of the Carinthian enjoyment road.