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The Tangenerhütte

The  Nockalm Road

Adventure Nockalm Road in Carinthia

The varied, multifaceted mountain road in the heart of the Nockberge

Where would you like to start your exploration of the “Nocky Mountains”? The 34 km Nockalm Road is accessible from early May to late October from either Innerkrems or Ebene Reichenau. It’s definitely worth experiencing the panoramic tour from both sides as you can enjoy new perspectives and divine views beyond compare at every turn. The Nockalm Road will inspire you with a total of eight indoor and outdoor exhibitions : there’s a lot to discover, learn and see! Motorcyclists will love the 52 bends, numerous turns and enticing routeing. Families and children will find numerous options for playing and hiking . Allow us to introduce you to the highlights of the Carinthian enjoyment road.
The Stangalm
 the Nockalmhof

The Nockalm Road from Innerkrems to Ebene Reichenau in detail

We start our tour up north. Innerkrems can be reached easily via the Tauern Autobahn A 10 and a brief drive on the state road L19. Of course, you can also experience all attractions of the alpine road from south – simply reverse the order of the stops presented here from Ebene Reichenau.


1.    Innerkrems pay desk, 1,500 m
 The late medieval mining settlement, where miners extracted iron ore, is now a well-known holiday and winter sports resort. The Nockalm Road starts/ends around 1 km from the village centre.

2.    Penkerhütte, 1,790 m
Excursionists are spoiled at the alpine dairy and snack station with daily fresh milk, homemade butter and cheese. Open in summer from early June to late September, popular ski hut in winter. With accommodation. No bus access.
Phone: +43 4735 284 or +43 664 49 57 209

3.    Nockalmhof Biosphere Reserve Centre, 1,700 m
The first highlight with the fossil exhibition “Versteinerte Welten” (Eng. “Fossilised Worlds”, the only one of its kind in Austria!), multimedia and 3D movie “Grüne Inseln im Strom der Zeit” (Eng. “Green Islands in the Current of Time”), gastronomy, shop with regional products and souvenirs, Biosphere Reserve information corner, interactive exhibition “Bats” for children, playground, information and panoramic boards. Free admission, open daily from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm (July and August 10 am to 5 pm). Bus tourists very welcome (early opening possible when registering in advance)!
Phone: +43 4736 200 31
4.    Heiligenbachhütte, 1,850 m
Alpine dairy with snack station, about 150 m form the Nockalm Road, homemade alpine cheese and hearty snacks. Collection of butter moulds, doilies and wall coverings. Open June to October. Holiday home with a total ten beds for rent.
Phone: +43 4735 281

5.    “Wildtiere und Lebensraum” at the Pfandlhütte, 1,877 m
Learn everything about alpine creatures at this exhibitions that translates as “Wild Animals and Habitat”. There’s an animal exhibition worth seeing on the first floor of the hut, which is open daily from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm (July and August 10 am to 5 pm), free admission (approx. time needed to view exhibition 20 minutes). The Pfandlhütte located directly by the Nockalm Road is known for its down-to-earth cuisine with Carinthian delicacies.
Phone: +43 4736 221 25 
6.    Zechneralm alpine farming museum, 1.900 m
What was it like to live and work on the mountain pastures? This unique museum with a farmer’s market, where you can buy agricultural products from the Nockberge, has the answer. Right next to the exhibitions is the “Murmeltierbau” (Eng. “Marmot Lair”) adventure playground for children with lots of space to move about. The mountain pasture, which is known for its refined yet down-to-earth cuisine, is open from early May to late October. Travel groups are welcome (please register online in advance), starting point for hikes.
Phone: +43 4736 304
7.    Highest point of the Nockalm Road: the Eisentalhöhe, 2,042 m
Enjoy the unique panoramic view of the Nockalm region from the lookout platform with panoramic boards explaining the most important summits you can see from here. Shop with spike lavender products, bistro, biker’s point with biker safes. Starting point for small hikes, such as to the Königstuhl or the Eisental-Höhe (approx. walking time 30 minutes each).
Phone: +43 4732 2324

8.    Alpine rarity Karlbad, 1,693 m
Make sure to visit the farmers’ bathhouse, which is over 300 years old! The spring water of the Karlquelle is channelled via larch wood troughs and heated up to around 40 °C with hot stones. The troughs in which the spa guests lie are covered with a plank – bar an opening for their heads – in order to prevent the beneficial steam from escaping. The bath cannot be visited during spa opening hours; visiting hours after 1 pm by prior arrangement, small playground. Make sure to try the self-distilled schnapps. Accommodation and full-board available. Bathing season mid-June to mid-September.
Phone: +43 664 968 39 27 or +43 664 968 39 26

9.    Stangalmhütte, 1,700 m
The alpine hut popular among locals and guests alike can be reached after an approximate 45-minute walk from the starting point “Auf der Sackltratte” by the Nockalm Road. The easy path is ideally suited for families. Dairy farmer Ewald Brence’s home-bred Border Collies are the highlights of the mountain pasture with its own dairy farm. Together, they watch over more than 200 cattle.
Phone: +43 680 120 81 83 or +43 676 73 79 313
10.    Tangenerhütte, 1,715 m
Dairy hut with snack stations, homemade Carinthian specialities: cheese, schnapps, liqueurs, hearty snacks. Children’s playground, many animals. Open from early June to early October, accommodation available. Parking for buses along the road, walking time to the hut approx. 20 minutes.
Phone: +43 664 530 95 12

11.    Steigerhütte, 1,481 m
This alpine hut is located idyllically away from the road and is a popular starting point for many hikes. Here you can enjoy homemade products from the farm; accommodation options
Phone: +43 4732 2538 or +43 664 14 77 437

12.    Grundalm “Silva Magica”, 1,688 m
Magical highlight by the Nockalm Road: the unique experience and adventure space about secrets of nature and natural beings. Discover the round hiking tour with artistically designed stages, energy loungers and geo trail. The free exhibition “Bäume als Überlebenskünstler” (Eng. “Trees as Survivalists”), open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, is waiting for you on the mountain pasture.
13.    Wolitzenhütte, 1,777 m
An approx. 20-minute walk at the end of “Silva Magica” leads up to the Wolitzenalm with a petting zoo for the youngest and a water adventure world. Dairy farm, homemade products, accommodation option.
Phone: +43 664 464 84 31

14.    Glockenhütte on the “Schiestlscharte”, 2,024 m
Discover the natural study exhibition with multi-vision display of the Biosphere Reserve Nockberge on the first plain of the mountain pasture. The legendary Wunschglocke, a farmer’s market with agricultural products, a restaurant with sun terrace, a shop and biker’s point can be found on the Schiestlscharte. Open from May to October, motorcyclists and bus tourists very welcome, special menu suggestions for bus travel groups.
Phone: +43 4279 7213 or +43 664 253 31 58
Location of two webcams! 

15.    Windebensee, 1,950 m
Scenically breathtaking nature trail “Alpine Lebensgemeinschaften” (Eng. “Alpine Biocoenoses”) around the mountain lake with several information boards (walking time 20 minutes). Numerous stone pine trees can be found in the adjacent woods. An approx. 400 m, easy path leads from Lake Windebensee up to the Glockenhütte (approx. walking time 15 minutes).
16.    Elements theme path, 1,950 m
The 1.5 km round trail with stone circles and brief descriptions for exercises that bring you into direct contact with the elements wood, light, air, earth, water and stone is a mystical highlight of the Nockalm Road. All senses are stimulated: hear, see, taste, smell and feel what the unbelievably diverse nature of the Elements theme path has to offer and simply feel like you’re at the centre of the world for once. Parking for buses by the road.

17.    Priesshütte, 1,700 m
This rustic mountain pasture is located directly by the Nockalm Road. Hearty hut fare, homemade soups and dumplings taste particularly good here. The children can enjoy themselves at the nearby playground and in the petting zoo. Open from early May to late October.
Phone.: +43 664 210 67 73 

18.    Sigi’s Natursaibling, 1,300 m
The home-bred fish are transformed into cold and warm delicacies at the in-house inn. The gentle, three-year breeding of the chars guarantee the highest quality, which has also received awards. The sun terrace and winter garden offer sufficient space. Open daily from May to October, hot food 11 am to 5 pm.
Phone: +43 4275 23 138 or +43 664 396 55 48

19.    Ebene Reichenau, 1,095 m
The village was the final rest stop before ascending to the Turracher Höhe as long ago as Celtic times. It is home to the administration of the Biosphere Reserve Nockberge. You can get in touch by calling +43 4275 665 or by going to .
Now you know a lot about the sights along the Nockalm Road – when will you discover the “Nocky Mountains”? Find out more about the current opening hours and prices ! We wish you a pleasant drive and lots of fun.